Fiber Optics Lab

Light Runner Optical fiber Splicer

Optical fiber lab has been designed to give hands on practical exposer in installation and maintanance on fiber network. Lab is equipped with all levels of equipment from fiber preparation to testing, measurement and termination.


Testing and Measurement Equipments:
--> Optical Time Domain trainer Reflectometer (OTDR)(JDSU MTS 6000)
--> visual Lault Locator
--> Optical Power Meter
--> Helium Neon Laser / Blue Laser / Green Laser

Fiber Optic Trainer Kit
--> Bench Top Laboratory Kit(Light Runner)

Fiber Optic Splicing and fiber Preparation
--> Arc Fusion Splicer (FSM-60s)
--> Fiber Optic Termination / Connection Preparation Kit
--> High Precision Positioned for Bare Fiber
--> FC Connection Cable
--> Different types of Fiber Optic Connector
--> Single Mode and Multimode Optical Fiber (Bare, 900micron, 3mm cable)

Optisim Simulator