Faculty Profile

  • Dr. Shekhar Verma (Head of Department IT)
    Research Interests: Wireless Networks, Cryptography, Multimedia, Computer Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Algorithms, MAC protocols, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks.

  • Dr. Shirshu Varma (Training and Placement Officer)
    Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobile Multimedia, Digital Signal Processing & Optical Communication Systems.

  • Dr. Neetesh Purohit (Head of Department EC)
    Research Interests: Modern Wireless communication technology (CDMA, OFDMA, MIMO etc.), Digital Communication system (Wired and wireless), Development and deployment of Wireless sensor networks, Digital signal processing Techniques, Antenna engineering, Computer Networks.

  • Dr.B.S.Sanjeev
    Research Interests: Simulations, Bioinformatics, Parallel Computing

  • Dr. Rajat Kumar Singh
    Research Interests: Photonic Packet Switch Architecture, Optical Data Storage, Optical Networks and Switching

  • Dr.Suneel Yadav
    Research Interests: Relay based Cooperative Communication,Cognitive Radio,MIMO,Green Technology.

  • Dr.Vijay Chourasiya(Dean Student Affairs)
    Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Routing Protocols and Database Management System.